a chill breeze

It is so cold here! I just wiped down my windows and the towel was soaked through. There have even been reports of snow in some areas–yes, it’s that cold. Yesterday, I braved the constant drizzle to go to Target and I was surprised that the thin spray wasn’t turning into flakes. My mom is in a state about the poor cats outside–we’ve set up covered boxes for them to take shelter. We’ve thought of letting them stay in our bath, but though they come in to eat, they are strays and don’t like to stay indoors for very long. We’re doing our best to help them weather this, er… weather.

We tried turning on our heater, but the air vents are near the fire alarms and it’s been so long since we’ve turned the heat up, that the smell of burning keeps making the alarms go off in an uproar of mad ear-splitting beeping. At least we know they still work.

I can’t wait for this front to pass. I like mild weather, nice cool breezes, not near freezing winds and rain.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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