Pin it, do it challenge complete

Finally completed the pin it, do it challenge for October 🙂 . My last project was a crate seat cover. I had to make plenty of adjustments to this one, mostly because the instructions were to make 8 matching crates, whereas I only needed to cover 1 crate. I also had some mishaps with wood and staples… Had to beg my dad for a scrap piece of wood because I learned that lumber is darn expensive unless you have a major project that you want to complete. Also, my dad’s staple gun didn’t work, so I had to make do with a glue gun. It works. Nothing fancy, but now my tbr pile is nicely covered.


Go here for my original pin it, do it challenge post. Or go here to learn more about the Pinterest Challenge.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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