an early resolution

I am promising myself that I will have no more sweets until Christmas.

That’s 17 days.

I feel that there has been way too much sugar in my life since November. First, it was my b-chan’s birthday, so there were sugar cookies. Then, there was all those pumpkin treats around Thanksgiving; though I try to make them low in sugar and fat, it’s still something I wouldn’t normally have. All those natillas my mom has made for my dad lately (they always offer me a taste and I give in). The key lime pie my b-chan wanted to share at the fish place by his house. The cookies at the library’s Open House party. And the trés leches this past weekend when my mom made dinner for the b-chan’s family. That is far more sugar than normally have in a year! I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, but after so much sugar, I feel myself craving it. It’s like a caffeine addiction and I don’t like it. I’ll be baking for Christmas, so I know I will have to try stuff then, but until then, no sweet treats. And no sweet treats after either. At least, not until Valentine’s when I’m sure there will be too much chocolate temptation for me to resist, but I like dark chocolate, so not as sweet.

Tonight will be the first test of my will. There will be a small party to celebrate our final meeting of the semester during class and all the girls have announced that they will be bringing some sort of baked good. I’m going to pick up some pita chips and hummus and avoid temptation.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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