sometimes bad things come in… fours?

I don’t know when I first heard the phrase “bad things come in threes” but I was thinking just that when number four happened.

Individually these are silly things:

  1. I dropped a jam jar at Target on Monday. Totally cracked and splattered all over the aisle. No one at the store was much bothered by it, but I felt awful.
  2. I made fridge oats and promptly dropped the jar on Wednesday morning while rushing to get to work. I am off fridge oats for a while. It looks like vomit when it splatters. So gross.
  3. Tonight, I was preparing to take the trash out when the bag broke and spilled all over my carpet. There was salad and coffee and moist stuff.
  4. I was about to clean up the mess when I decided to close the windows… because, you know, Florida is still hot as hell and I was not about to get my sweat on. The crank broke. My bedroom window is being held together by packing tape until my landlord can find a replacement crank (mind you, my apartment was built in the 50s, so this might be impossible), or find a repair person able to make magic happen.

Together, this just takes the cake. I do not want a number five.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “sometimes bad things come in… fours?”

  1. Sometimes things do come in 4’s, 5, or even more. I just think a great deal of it is dependent on our perception of things. Think happy thoughts. 🙂

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